Tumbled Pink Rhodonite Crystal Chips (100g)
Tumbled Pink Rhodonite Crystal Chips (100g)
Tumbled Pink Rhodonite Crystal Chips (100g)

Tumbled Pink Rhodonite Crystal Chips (100g)

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Tumbled Pink Rhodonite Crystal Chips (100g)

Sold per 100g Lot

Random Scoop

Average size is 3 to 8 mm 

As this is a natural product there will be some variation in size and colour

The lot shown in this picture is a 100g scoop 

You will receive a scoop similar but not exactly the same as the one in the picture

These crystal chips are so versatile and can be used for arts and crafts, in the base of your houseplants and around your garden, wishing bottles, mosaics, jewelry making, meditation, skin care elixirs, Chakra cleansing, crystal foot baths, magnetic therapy, reiki healing and so much more!



Keywords: Love, Compassion, Peace, Faith, Altruism, Forgiveness, Relationships, Cooperation

* Assists one in discovering their true purpose in life and learning new skills 

* Has a joyful and uplifting energy that encourages one to engage in behaviours that help others in need

* Promotes acceptance and forgiveness of oneself and others, and dissolves any feelings of fear, resentment and self doubt

* Grest companion for anyone experiencing anxiety due to its soft, nurturing energy


Chakras: HeartRoot

Element: Earth, Fire

Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus 

Affirmation:  “I am so thankful for all the amazing blessings in my life 


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