One (1) Larvikite Tumbled Stone
One (1) Larvikite Tumbled Stone

One (1) Larvikite Tumbled Stone

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One (1) Larvikite Tumbled Stone

You will receive one randomly selected 23 to 26 mm Larvikite tumbled stone from the same lot as is shown in the listing photographs


Keywords: Patience, Adaptability, Psychic vision

* A very grounding stone that has a strong connection to the energies of the Earth

* Holding a piece of Larvikite outdoors can help one absorb elemental energies and deepen their connection with Mother Earth

* Strengthens intellectual capabilities and helps one absorb new information, particularly complicated spiritual practices 

* Stimulates inner visions, enhances psychic abilities, and assists in past life and soul work


Chakras: Third Eye, Root

Element: Water

Zodiac: Cancer

Affirmation: “I move through life knowing I am safe and protected’ 


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