One (1) Large A Grade K2 Tumbled Stone
One (1) Large A Grade K2 Tumbled Stone

One (1) Large A Grade K2 Tumbled Stone

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One (1) Large A Grade K2 Tumbled Stone

Chosen intuitively for you from the lot pictured

Size: 30 to 35 mm

K2 is a new find and is considered a rare gemstone

K2 Stone

Keywords:  Intuition, Knowledge, Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Insight, Clarity, Manifestation

* Discovered at the base of K2 mountain, and is a unique combination of Granite and Azurite 

* Effective stone for psychics and mediums to help them more clearly interpret the messages they receive

* Enhances intuition and conscious awareness so that one can be open to receiving guidance from higher dimensions  

* Believed to be very beneficial in treating migraines and tension headaches


Chakras: Third Eye 

Element: Storm

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Affirmation: “I am insightful, intuitive and connected with my higher self” 


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