One (1) A Grade Larimar Tumbled Stone
One (1) A Grade Larimar Tumbled Stone
One (1) A Grade Larimar Tumbled Stone
One (1) A Grade Larimar Tumbled Stone

One (1) A Grade Larimar Tumbled Stone

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One (1) A Grade Larimar Tumbled Stone

please select the size you want and a tumble will be intuitively selected for you

Small - Approx 5 to 10 grams

Medium - Approx 10 to 15 grams 

Large - Approx 15 to 20 grams

Extra Large - 22 grams


Larimar is a rare form of Blue Pectolite that is found only in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. It may well be one of the most captivating and breathtakingly beautiful of all the gemstones.

Larimar takes me away to the most calming and tranquil place in my mind with crystal blue waters, soft, warm sunshine, white sandy beaches that stretch for miles and tall, peaceful palm trees that sway gently in the breeze. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so at peace with myself and my place in the world as I do when I am holding this beautiful gemstone and getting lost in the patterns that are just like sunlight dancing on the ocean floor. 

Larimar is associated with the throat chakra and is both a water and fire element stone



Keywords: Calming, Cooling, Soothing, Enhanced communication, Feminine power, Connection with the Goddess energies 

* Relaxes the nerves and helps one express themselves from the heart 

* Deeply connected to the energy of the Goddess and helps one reconnect with their inner child

* Gives one the courage to let go of people, attachments or behaviours that are no longer serving them  

*Helps women attune with their femininity and renew their connection with nature


Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

Element: Water, Fire

Zodiac: Leo, Taurus

Affirmation: “I am connected to my inner femininity and allow myself to express it”


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