New Find Rare Magnetic Algenite "Mother of Crystals" Drilled Pendant
New Find Rare Magnetic Algenite "Mother of Crystals" Drilled Pendant

New Find Rare Magnetic Algenite "Mother of Crystals" Drilled Pendant

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Alglenite was discovered in 2011 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
Analysis carried out by a leading laboratory found that Alglenite contains up to 36 elements. This is more than any single rock or crystal previously discovered on this planet.
Geologists believe that Alglenite was pushed to the surface of the Earth from deep down in the Earth's mantle (up to 2.9 kilometres) by the impact of an Asteroid from space some millions of years ago. It has since laid undiscovered until recently when Aland and Glen uncovered it by chance. 
Scientists believe that Alglenite is found nowhere else on the planet.
Alglenite Rock and Crystal Content
Bowenite, Serpentine, Lizardite, Bismouth, Antimony, Ancanthite, Bornite, Chalcocite, Sphalerite, Pentlandite, Orpiment, Stibnite, Olivine, Chromite, Magnetite, Tennantite, Zoisite, Epidote, Cordierite, Vermiculite, Reibeckite, Actinolite, Nephrite, Anthophyllite, Rhodonite, Jadeite, Enstatite, Pigeonite, Magnetite
Alglenite Metaphysical Properties
Alglenite is believed to help with relief from arthritis and other forms of pain by drawing heat from the body and stimulating blood flow around the damaged tissue.
It may also assist with relief from stress and anxiety.
The high mineral content in powdered Alglenite (including high concentrations of Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Zinc) indicate it may assist with the healing of skin disorders and wounds.
Alglenite is said to correct mental and emotional imbalances, helping one to feel more in control of their life. It is believed to have a calming effect against nervousness and stress and can help in balancing mood swings and bringing inner peace. It is an excellent stone for those who want to start over as it helps with clearing the emotional baggage from breakups and past relationships.
Alglenite may help by eliminating parasites from the body and aid in the absorption of magnesium and calcium.  Aglenite is believed to cleanse and detoxify the body and blood, restore self confidence and disperse fear.
Alglenite is also said to impart good luck and confidence to the wearer. It is excellent for meditation and spiritual pursuits. Placing Alglenite on the heart chakra initiates the movement of Kundalini energy (also known as Serpent Fire energy) up through the spine.
Please note: the information above has been provided to Divine Crystals & Gifts by the supplier of this unique new stone. It is not intended to be a replacement for medications prescribed by a medical practitioner. These claims are based on testimonials and user experiences that have been reported back by people who have experienced the healing properties of Alglenite for themselves.
Measurements: 45 x 27 x 8 mm
This pendant has been hand cut and polished from natural Alglenite and pre drilled so that it is ready to be strung on simple cord of your choice or crafted into a necklace with other gemstones of your choosing