Green Aventurine Crystal Pyramid - 40 mm

Green Aventurine Crystal Pyramid - 40 mm

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These gorgeous crystal pyramids measure approximately 40 x 40 x 35 mm (+\-)

You will receive one pyramid that is similar to (but may not be identical to) the ones pictured. These are hand crafted natural stone products so please allow for some slight variation on colours, size and patterns



Keywords: Vitality, Growth, Confidence

* Believed to help one rapidly manifest prosperity, abundance and career success

* Beneficial stone for those in leadership positions as it promotes courage, self confidence, compassion and decisiveness 

* Heals and soothes painful emotions, particularly those experienced during childhood 

* Encourages one to look toward the future with optimism and excitement 


Chakras: Heart

Element: Earth, Water

Zodiac: Aries, Leo

Affirmation: “I am so thankful for all the abundance in my life right now”


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