Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (10cm)
Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (10cm)

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (10cm)

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Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (10cm)

You will receive one (1) 10 cm diameter natural Black Obsidian scrying mirror and display stand


Obsidian scrying mirrors are ancient tools used for divination and introspection. Crafted from volcanic glass, these mirrors possess a dark, reflective surface that allows the practitioner to gaze into them and enter a deep meditative state.

To use an obsidian scrying mirror, find a quiet and calm space where you can comfortably sit. Begin by grounding yourself through deep breaths and focused intention. Hold the obsidian mirror in your hands, gazing into its reflective surface. As you let your gaze soften, allow your mind to enter a receptive state, opening yourself to the energies in the mirror. You may begin to see images, symbols, or receive intuitive messages.

Trust your instincts and let the images guide your thoughts and interpretation. With practice, the obsidian scrying mirror becomes a powerful tool for personal insight, exploring subconscious realms, and connecting with higher consciousness.



Keywords: Psychic Protection, grounding, cleansing of 40negativity, spirit communication 

* Forms a shield around ones aura, protecting one from negative energy and psychic attacks

* Strong healing energy that is known to aid the release of addictive and compulsive behaviours, eating disorders and emotional blockages

* A powerful protection stone that enhances self discipline and determination, and brings great mental strength

* Helps clear and remove negative energy from one’s auric field and surrounding environment


Chakras: Root

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius

Affirmation: “I gently release negative energy within and around me” 


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